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What we do

We help individuals and businesses access the data they need. We automate fetching website content, social media, and public data; then sift through to find the information they can really use.

Web scraping is used in cases where manually fetching and collating information into a useful structure would otherwise be impossible. We find out how you can best utilise the results, and deliver concise, clear data in the format required.


Finding quality, relevant data is the first step of the process. It could be from a competitor's catalogue, or YouGov poll results, or discussion boards and forums; we automate the process of capturing information in an efficient way that means you get access to it as soon as it's available.

Unlike other companies, we don't enforce limits on how often you can acquire or process data. We understand that things change frequently, and that having the most up-to-date information is vital.


Once your data is collected, we develop ways to extract the parts that will be important and relevant.

From postcodes to telephone numbers to products mentioned by bloggers; we look at how you can reduce the information down to something you can actually make sense of.


Whether you need data emailed to you as a spreadsheet, or you want to be texted a link to a PDF catalogue, we provide solutions to fit your needs. We work with you to integrate with your existing workflow and services for a seamless experience.

Access the web portal to view and download the results of previous scrapes, and to see visualisations of how the data has changed over time.


Transparent, clear billing that just works.

  • Simple
  • £25/m
  • £349 one-time setup
  • Perfect for simple sites and small website scraping tasks
  • 1,000 pages per scrape
  • Unlimited storage
  • Results via email, download, or FTP.
  • Get Started
  • Standard
  • £45/m
  • £749 one-time setup
  • Includes most websites and datasets
  • 10,000 pages per scrape
  • Unlimited storage
  • Option to integrate with custom APIs
  • Get Started
  • Industrial
  • £100/m
  • Quote required

  • Ideal for more complex sites requiring extra processing.
  • ∞ pages per scrape
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom formats and additional processing
  • Get Started

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Otherwise to speak to one of our team directly, email us at support@fidgit.co.uk